About Us

Pham's Rice Bowl is a locally owned family business. Our restaurant is located in the Midtown Global Market. The Midtown Global Market is a cultural hub located on a vibrant part of East Lake Street.

Since our establishment in 2005, we have worked to show that we value our staff, customers, our community in Midtown and the surrouding Phillips Neigbhorhood more than anything. We have a special name for them; they're known as our 'Phamily'. We thank you for your constant support.

We aim to serve affordable and delicious Asian food that families can enjoy together. When my wife and I started Pham's Rice Bowl in 2005 at Midtown Global Market, we intentionally sourced ingredients, curated the recipes for our menu, and hired cooks that we proudly claim support this restaurant service aspiration.

The meals that are served at Pham's are created from recipes that have been part of our family for generations. The way that the Pho broth is cooked has been passed down from my parents, and we continue to make them the same way. Pho and many others started at home and we're more than happy to be sharing them with you.

We appreciate the warmth and support that the Phamily and the Midtown Global Market community has shown us. We show our love by combining our passion for food and community by helping out. Due to COVID-19 and recent unrest at Lake Street, we lead the donation of basic necessities to families that lack access to food, clothing, and medical needs. We also consistently contirbute to Meals for Medics and team up with Midtown Global Market in their community building efforts and fundraisers.